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Transforming Your Space One Design at a Time

Design Services

The beauty of design is in the eye of the beholder.

Do you want to recreate your space in a way that really brings out your personality? As an experienced interior designer, I can help bring your vision to life. At jigsaw interiors, I cater my designs to the specific requests of my clients, and go out of my way to make sure that the work I do is a reflection of their own tastes and preferences. 

Upcycling is taking an item that is no longer needed or wanted and giving it new life as something that is either useful or creative. This seemingly basic concept has sparked an exciting revolution with this generation.

An arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc. intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept.

"we put together a mood board with key images and words that best convey the essence of the design"

Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money. Staging techniques focus on improving a property's appeal by transforming it into a welcoming, attractive product that anyone might want. 

Every space has its own personality, and with a few modifications and the right Spatial Planning, you can really make it shine. At jigsaw interiors, I work with my clients throughout the whole process, and make sure to bring their vision to life with my designs. Book a consultation today and see what I can offer you!

Everyone knows how important your space is to your general wellbeing, so why not add a touch of flair to your life? With some nice shades, a well-planned Lighting Design, and some nice functional features, you can brighten up your space and give it a bit of personality. Bring out the new you through your space!